Mythic Astrology

Astrology is a symbolic language describing our personalities and life paths. The sky at the moment of our birth held a specific pattern of energies. This pattern is reflected in the birth chart, and interpretation helps us understand and appreciate our uniqueness. The continued motion of the planets in their cycles shows us each our own calendar of growth and opportunity for change.

Mythic Astrology looks to the stars and constellations as well as the planets to find the primary mythology illuminating your life. It also connects the chart to the actual sky, orienting us in a larger context. The stars and the ancient cultures that developed star mythology become present for us, guiding  our self-awareness.

Readings in person are usually two hours long and taped. Readings on tape with telephone follow-up are available for long distance.

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Astrology Classes


Explore the symbols of astrology, become familiar with the vocabulary and philosophy, learn to read charts, bringing insight into our own and others’ qualities, challenges and evolution. Discussion includes mythology, naked-eye astronomy and cosmic consciousness. Individual or small group.



New York, NY

Andrea available for Astrology, Tarot, Sound-healing, Counseling

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Kingston, NY

Andrea available for Astrology, Tarot, Sound-healing, Counseling

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I happened across the astrological reading you did for me in 2001.... 10 years ago.

Andrea I so enjoyed listening to our time together and your loving explanation of things and our exchanges of laughter and how you helped me to have a better understanding of myself on a deeper level. It was so beautiful and fed me with some exact knowledge that I needed to hear again. 


We've never met, except over the phone, yet I feel that you know me better than anyone, including people I've known for years.  Through my natal chart, you have captured what my life is about--where I've been and where I'm going.  I feel blessed. Thanks for a wonderful experience.   -- Lucille


As an empathic psychic, I’m accustomed to receiving information experientially.

I’ve always been intrigued by astrology, and yet—despite a shelf of textbooks and friendship with several astrologers over the years—I’ve never felt confident about my comprehension of my astrological chart. My ungroundedness has prevented me from seeing my chart in a clear, all-encompassing way.

Then last week we had an appointment and I discovered what a treasure you are. With just the time and place of my birth, you zeroed in on me completely. You laid out the blueprint of my life in a clear and concise manner, enabling me to see the perfection of my chart, and how it plots my life purpose.

Your mythic view of astrology ennobles my difficult childhood, helping me accept the role of wounded healer. As I was struggling with this concept, your words, wise and well-chosen, gently tipped me over the edge and I experienced an aha! experience with tears of joy and self-love.

 The intellect is an important ally, but it’s the heart’s opening which brings us home. Through your wisdom and generosity of spirit I finally fully understand and embrace my chart, my life, myself.

You are a clear bell. Now and always I hold you in my heart.  -- Barbara Balkin

The reading was so rich and amazing. The mythology affirms lots of feelings, intuitions and dreams I've had and also gives many new insights to further explore. You've illuminated my chart in a whole new way. Thank you!
-- Catherine Malone

As I make my future plans, I often think back to my astrology session with you, and how you opened my eyes  to the fullness of the human experience.
-- Mark Tipton

The first reading I asked Andrea to do for me was a sensitive one with many layers of subtlety that could not be easily addressed in a black and white manner.   I watched her, with each card, carefully consider the meanings suggested by the deck itself and then, taking that information inward, checking intuition and guidance for additional information – deeper layers of the truth she was sensing.  This reading changed my relationship with Tarot, giving me a true understanding to its value as a divination tool; one readily available and accessible to us, as we navigate seemingly complex multifaceted spiritual journeys in physical bodies on this earth plane.   

Subsequently, I sought Andrea’s knowledge as an Astrologer, and once again, she changed my view of such readings.  In the past I have felt mystified by the experience of receiving part of the information but not fully understanding all of it.  Andrea is skilled in this area.   Her ability to relate astrological information to mythic story, provides a deeper/clearer understanding of what is being shared.   It becomes an invitation, offering a much broader landscape to those of us with less knowledge, to enter into and comprehend the reading in ways that allow integration and practical utilization of the material. 


Andrea is a gem – one of those rare individuals we meet and something in us says, “Ah, this is a special human being.”  She is generous and gifted and her readings offer genuine guidance.     --  Bonnie Jo Radasch