Rev. Andrea Goodman


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Ruby-Throated Spirit is a sanctuary, a compassionate space for healing and self-understanding, through the wisdom and guidance of astrology and Tarot, and the power of our voices. It is also a studio, devoted to the exploration of vocal sound and stars, offering voice lessons, sound-healing and mythic astrology. Spirit is honored in all aspects of the work, including sacred ceremonies and retreats where each individual can access authentic
connection to the Divine, within and beyond all faiths.

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Welcome to Ruby-Throated Labyrinth

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New Offering

 I'm excited to offer Planet Songs and their Dramatic Dance, an astrological teaching  for anyone, anywhere. It will open your awareness of life paths and the relevance of specific energies of our times.  I have composed Planet Songs to give you the archetypal essences of the planets and the basic vocabulary of astrology.     Click for more information


Andrea's new book is a moving and comforting guide for all who are undergoing the journey of divorce or who are experiencing other kinds of loss or disappointment. It offers an empowering perspective that transcends blame and victim-hood.

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Sacred Ceremonies

Weddings, Namings, Coming of Age, Life Transitions, Funerals, Special Days, Blessings and Cleansing for a Home, Boat, or Business.

Each ceremony is tailor-made for the event and the individuals involved. Andrea works with the participants to choose what is meaningful for the individual......more information

Mythic Astrology

Astrology is a symbolic language describing our personalities and life paths. The sky at the moment of our birth held a specific pattern of energies. This pattern is reflected in the birth chart, and interpretation helps us understand and appreciate our uniqueness. The continued motion of the planets in their cycles shows us each our own calendar of growth and opportunity for change.....more information

The Tarot

The Tarot cards, colorful and evocative, use the law of synchronicity.
The cards picked at a certain moment mirror one's own inner knowing, helping to clarify the current process. It is wonderful for answering questions, for centering in the midst of chaos, for showing ourselves what we know but don't realize we know.....
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Voice Lessons & Sound Healing

Our voices have the power to heal ourselves and others. In private sessions and classes, we explore our voices freely and in depth, experiencing trust in the process and the magic of intuitive singing and spontaneous harmony. When we allow our voices to pour out, when we allow uncensored expression of our bodies, emotions and spirits, we discover a process of moving through....more information

Retreats, Workshops &  Classes

The magic of a retreat at Ruby Throated Spirit is a long-lasting gift. Andrea's haven on the mystical shores of Maine provides the chance to really open up and fully experience the dimension of spiritual time. Her naturalist's knowledge of the local animals and landscape creates a feeling of harmony with the environment.....more information

Performing Arts

Andrea performs in The Figures of Speech Theatre featuring world myths and folktales, actors, dancers, singers and puppets. Award winning productions that have moved and delighted audiences, from the Smithsonian to the Kennedy Center, To Europe and Japan, for over 20 years.... more information