Planet Songs and their Dramatic Dance

An astrological teaching offered through MMVU
(Ministry of Maat Virtual University)


An introduction to planetary symbolism through sound and an exploration of the current sky. There's a lot going on in August and this will provide astrological insight into the big square dance between Saturn and Pluto and Uranus and Jupiter and Mars and Venus with Mercury going retrograde, not to mention Neptune and Chiron's pas de deux!


This lecture is an Introduction to an ongoing course, Planets Speak,
described below.


Live Streamed Lecture:

Saturday, AUGUST 28, 2010 3-4:15 PM


Tuition $35

Andrea Gale Goodman is director of Ruby-Throated Spirit Healing Center and a co-founder of the Ministry of Maåt. An interfaith minister, mythic astrologer and counselor, she specializes in sound healing, Her career as vocalist/actress spans over thirty years, and she is the author of Lightning Holds My Hand, A Woman's Journal of Guidance.


If you cannot join us on August 28th
you can view and review this lecture afterwards.

Participants in the Kingston area are welcome
to come in person for the session.



 A 12- month on-line ongoing course with ANDREA GOODMAN
through MMVU


Starting September 15, each month we will focus on a specific planet. Students will commit to setting aside one hour every month. The first half-hour will be a private consultation (by phone or Skype) with me about the planet-of-the-month in the student’s chart—its sign, house and aspects with other planets. Following the consultation, you will sit with your journal and will ask the planet what it has to say, and what you need to know about it. Listening inwardly, you then write whatever words come in response. In this way we will access our own intuitive information about the planet, specific to each one’s chart. The writings will then be posted for the other students to read. Taken together, we will have a rich body of intuitive research on the meanings of the planets. The students will have a deeper understanding of their individual charts and a greater awareness of its relevance in their lives through the words they receive, and a broad understanding of the complexity of astrology, through reading what others have written. There will be the option for us all to write responses to the writings as well. Because this is an individual process, it will be possible to join late and catch up, but the expectation will be to all be writing on the same planet within a given month.


Yearly tuition of $1,200
is payable quarterly( $300)
 or monthly ($100 )
 on the 1st of the appropriate month to

Ministry of Maåt, Inc. through

Deposit of $100 due by August 30th


Payment in full ( semester) due by: Sept 15th

Early sign up full payment by August 30th : 5% Discount : $1140


Payment plans available

Entry after beginning of program in September 15 is possible.

Please inquire about details

To register, please contact Kellie at                  

For questions and more information about the course, contact Andrea at  (207) 633-4175 or(207) 380-5291