Rev. Andrea Goodman


Sacred Ceremonies

Weddings, Namings, Coming of Age, Life Transitions, Funerals, Special Days, Blessings and Cleansing for a Home, Boat, or Business.

Each ceremony is tailor-made for the event and the individuals involved. Andrea works with the participants to choose what is meaningful for them. She has experience with various spiritual traditions, with ancient and native cultures, and the ability to create original ceremonies. She will often draw on astrology to identify the energies of dates chosen and to gain insight into the lives of the people celebrating. She uses her remarkable voice to open portals, to heal and to bless.

Reverend Andrea Goodman is an ordained minister and High Priestess of the MINISTRY of MAAT, Inc., and holds a Master of Ministerial Studies (MMS) degree.

MAAT, depicted as a woman with wings, is the Egyptian embodiment of Truth, Justice, Universal Harmony and Balance. Her function is to determine the order and flow of all things in the Universe. She is the heart of creation.

The work of the Ministry is to promote world harmony and balance through ceremony and education. For more information about the Ministry of MAAT Inc., visit their website at

Andrea has been studying and teaching Women's Mysteries and Egyptian Mysteries since 1988, assisting Reverend Mother and High Priestess Ione, on numerous retreats and sacred journeys to Egypt.

Costs for ceremonies and events very depending on the size of gathering, time involved, and which of Andrea's skills are needed: writer/composer, astrologer, singer, teacher, healer, minister/priestess.

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Wedding of Paul Langland and Colin Cochran

Troi  Boulanger's 40th birthday ritual


Blessing of an Office Space

Listen to a music clip of a beautiful song written and sung by Andrea.
May all who sit upon this Chair

Feel the love caressing them there......

I felt very moved by the beauty of the ceremony. I shall always treasure the song and the memory.  -- Alina Blakesley, owner Harborside Foot Reflexology

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Wedding Ceremony

We had an incredibly beautiful wedding ceremony thanks to Andrea. She wrote vows just for us and sang to make our wedding the most memorable day possible.   -- Susan Webster


Life Transition Ritual

I have been divinely blessed this past year as I have realized more and more the vast amount of knowledge and spiritual gifts that flow through Andrea Goodman. What began as simply an astrology reading, expanded into Tarot, sound-healing work, vocal lessons, various classes she has offered, a re-commitment ceremony with my husband, and mostly recently a Life Transition Ritual which we co-created for my 40th birthday. She does it all! Divine connection flows through her as steadily as a warm river nourishing all life along its path. My body and spirit are growing and loving exponentially with each passing day and I can't help but have the most enormous amount of gratitude for Andrea sharing what she and her spirit are able to share. Her ear penetrates not only the spoken word, but also the spirit within. For me, this meant a divine connection through which ours spirits helped me to heal, grow, learn and LOVE. I am so happy to have met Andrea.  -- Jane Solorzano