Vocal Sound Healing & Voice Lessons

Our voices have the power to heal ourselves and others. In private sessions and classes, we explore our voices freely and in depth, experiencing trust in the process and the magic of intuitive singing and spontaneous harmony. When we allow our voices to pour out, when we allow uncensored expression of our bodies, emotions and spirits, we discover the process of moving through. In the movement and vibration of sound, much is released, revealed and regenerated.


"Voice lessons with Andrea have led me to discover my strength within, speak my truth, and sing from my soul. It's helped me get strong enough to be my own person." Claudette Gamache, artist

Andrea I found your workshop incredible and still feel the effects. THANK YOU !!!  I have found that I just kind of "beak-out" into spontaneous vocalizing throughout the day, now, and it feels like I have a new friend
when I use my voice.----Nance Cusick

Vocal technique lessons offer a safe, healthy use of the voice that can be applied to singing, speaking, chanting or toning. One learns to use a full breath and make a full sound, to employ the entire range of one's voice, and engage the entire body as a vocal instrument. These lessons value the development of the voice as an instrument rather than a particular style of singing. Singing whole-heartedly supports self confidence and aliveness.

Private healing sessions can include Andrea singing to you or singing combined with Reiki, a hands-on transmission of Universal healing energy. They can also include your own exploration of your voice as a healing instrument, expressing physical discomfort and nurturing, uncovering hidden memories and feelings. Andrea teaches clients to clear and energize their chakras with sound. She has also facilitated the clearing of past-life and early life trauma.

In Cosmic Harmony classes, we sing the harmony of balance and imbalance in our bodies, emotions and energy fields, following the stream of sound, revealing and releasing old wounds and treasures. Our work is inspired by various spiritual traditions including astrology, tarot, mythology, mythic astrology, ancient Egyptian Mysteries, Native American ceremony, shamanism, and the visions and wisdom of all participants. With meditation, breathing, moving, sharing and sounding, we experience our place in the cosmic order, we reveal our relationship to transition and rebirth, we assist each other in opening to our new expanded selves.

Cosmic Harmony Testimonials

I had wanted to write you, after cosmic harmony, just to say that one of the things I really appreciate about your sound circles is how the experience affirms ones intuition and how it makes possible makes apparent, visible almost such deep communication and inter-connectedness.  Its really great.  And fun.

Donnaldson Brown

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An opportunity to expand your voice in every dimension


For singers and non-singers



            Resonating the voice

            Resonating the body

            Resonating chakras

            Resonating with another

            Resonating the space

            Resonating with something you resonate with


This workshop will explore vocal expression outside of traditional song. We will focus on sound itself and discover our vast vocal potential. Approaching the voice as an instrument, Andrea will introduce healthy, liberating vocal technique as well as intuitive singing for sound-healing and for improvisational, evocative music.


Andrea Goodman has a 32-year career of singing without words in a pure universal language of sound, beginning with 17 years as an original singer in the Meredith Monk Vocal Ensemble in New York City, touring world-wide, recording and teaching. She has taught vocal technique since 1979 and practiced sound healing since 1985. She has lived in Boothbay, Maine, since 1989, performing with Figures of Speech Theatre, The Resonance Residence and other musicians. She teaches Cosmic Harmony class as well as private voice lessons at Ruby-Throated Spirit in Boothbay. For more about her work, see her website: www.rubythroatedspirit.com


Sound-Healing Workshops

Experience the power of our voices to clear and energize the chakras, to release unexpressed feelings, and to evoke guiding images. The vibrations of our voices carry our intentions into effective manifestation. There is magic in the spontaneous harmony created by our combined flow of sound. We practice giving through receiving and receiving through giving. We surrender to ourselves and summon the courage to trust in the unknown.

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Andrea available for Astrology, Tarot, Sound-healing, Counseling

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