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The Tarot cards, colorful and evocative, use the law of synchronicity. The cards picked at a certain moment mirror one's own inner knowing, helping to clarify the current process. It is wonderful for answering questions, for centering in the midst of chaos, for showing ourselves what we know but don't realize we know.

Since 1985, Andrea Goodman uses Voyager Tarot for readings. She has created a CD, singing with percussionist Gerry Hemingway, improvising on the first eleven cards:

DIVINE DOORWAYS, Soundings on the Sacred Voyage of the Wheel of Tarot: Foot to Fortune (Available from Andrea Goodman or

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New York, NY

Andrea available for Astrology, Tarot, Sound-healing, Counseling

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Kingston, NY

Andrea available for Astrology, Tarot, Sound-healing, Counseling

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 Track   9 - Balance  
 Track  10 - Hermit
 Track  11 - Fortune   

"As I began listening to it I felt like Bach hearing a glimpse of "Nirvana" and the future of music, a form I did not entirely understand yet could sense the validity of. It is a completely improvised work that struck me as a musical equivalent of abstract expressionism in art and an outgrowth of modern jazz in the unusual and original synthesis of modern drumming and improvisational sounding through which Andrea Goodman's rich, resonant voice accesses and expresses deep collective energies. I listen to it in my studio when I am painting and it is powerful contemplative music that provides a fabulous ambient background to support any type of creative endeavor." - Dicasso

A sublime musical journey into the world of Tarot
Divine Doorways is an exquisite collaboration between Andrea Goodman (vocals) and Gerry Hemingway (drums). Two ancient souls connecting in sound and spirit through the wisdom of Tarot. Both artists so rich musically and emotively... Gerry's technique is virtuosic and his response to the voice incredibly sensitive. Andrea's voice is powerful, explosive, liberated and also vulnerable, tender, understated, subtle. amazing. I really felt them as channeling ancient cultures, deities and wisdom. so inspiring. so filling.
Both Andrea and James Wanless (creator of the Voyager Tarot) wrote beautiful poetic notes to each card further deepening the listening experience. For the Fool-Child, Andrea writes: "I take a step into the unknown; something becomes ground for my foot. I step again and farther; it meets me, plays, runs away with me. I dip into the sea of enormous potential; something becomes a boat."

Let this beautiful collaboration hold you in your own boat and help guide you to that personal place of discovery and awareness.

August 8, 2010


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The first reading I asked Andrea to do for me was a sensitive one with many layers of subtlety that could not be easily addressed in a black and white manner.   I watched her, with each card, carefully consider the meanings suggested by the deck itself and then, taking that information inward, checking intuition and guidance for additional information – deeper layers of the truth she was sensing.  This reading changed my relationship with Tarot, giving me a true understanding to its value as a divination tool; one readily available and accessible to us, as we navigate seemingly complex multifaceted spiritual journeys in physical bodies on this earth plane. 


Subsequently, I sought Andrea’s knowledge as an Astrologer, and once again, she changed my view of such readings.  In the past I have felt mystified by the experience of receiving part of the information but not fully understanding all of it.  Andrea is skilled in this area.   Her ability to relate astrological information to mythic story, provides a deeper/clearer understanding of what is being shared.   It becomes an invitation, offering a much broader landscape to those of us with less knowledge, to enter into and comprehend the reading in ways that allow integration and practical utilization of the material. 


Andrea is a gem – one of those rare individuals we meet and something in us says, “Ah, this is a special human being.”  She is generous and gifted and her readings offer genuine guidance.     
--- Bonnie Jo Radasch